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'My grandfather used to tell a story, that as a child he rode his bicycle to a field full of shells and various strange objects. It was a true call to adventure. There, he and his friends used to play for hours. At that time, he had no idea that those shells, rocks and skeletons were artifacts and traces of populations that lived there more than 3 thousand years ago.' - Beatriz Costa, archaeologist. 


Project presentation

Have you ever stopped to think that the landscapes that surround our way to work or home or anywhere else could be thousands of years old? And that this knowledge of the past can influence our future?


Archaeological Routes Santa Catarina presents the most recent research results in the field of archeology, creating a link to the main developments of this knowledge for contemporary times. The film features the testimony of nationally and internationally renowned researchers, and fHi with some of them that archaeologist Beatriz Ramos da Costa spoke to.

'Knowing this common heritage is one of the ways to make people live better, for everyone to know themselves, their history. And that all of us, as a society, are capable of understanding, respecting and admiring the different ways of living in this world, in order to be able to position ourselves consciously and ethically in relation to the tensions of the contemporary world' - Beatriz Ramos da Costa .

Meet the Archaeologists


Beatriz Costa

Archaeologist and presenter, Beatriz is the link that moves between the different environments and characters. His participation in front of the cameras came with the short film Sambaqui: Sociedade Rediscovered, where his performance and engagement with current themes related to archaeological heritage was significant for understanding the topic. Beatriz has a Master's degree in Archeology from the National Museum/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a PhD in Archeology from the Federal University of Pelotas.


Dione Bandeira

Archaeologist Dione da Rocha Bandeira will provide information regarding research that deals with cultural continuities and ruptures between the shell-mound-building people and the pottery people who occupied the same territories at different times, with visits to Caieiras Park and the Museum's Technical Reserve Sambaqui Archaeological Site in Joinville.


Mirian Carbonera

Archaeologist Mirian Carbonera presents information about archaeological research in the central portion of the state. Mirian is mainly responsible for providing information about the “underground houses” and the most “recent” archaeological records (from 2,000 BP to sub-current times). In Chapecó, Mirian also tells us about the process of curating and safeguarding archaeological assets based on her experience at CEOM.


Marcos Santos

 We spoke with  archaeologist Marcos Santos  about the results obtained to date at the oldest archaeological site in the state of Santa Catarina, located in the city of  Chapecó, which dates back to around 11 thousand years BP, on which he has been working together with Carbonera and other colleagues in national and international partnerships.


Bitencourt Campos

Archaeologist Juliano Bitencourt Campos shares information on two topics, the first is the most recent historical context, such as troop paths and the formation of colonies of European immigrants, and the second is studies related to the coastal region and variations in the sea level.


Bruna Zamparetti

Our meeting with Bruna Zamparetti addresses topics such as the importance of heritage and archaeological education. Bruna accompanies us on a visit to the Garopaba do Sul sambaqui, considered one of the largest in the world and together with Beatriz, they reproduce an archaeological excavation.


Lucas Bueno

On Santa Catarina Island, we spoke with Lucas Bueno about current theories, concepts and information. Our route with the archaeologist through Florianópolis includes Costão do Santinho and Sambaqui beach.



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